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The Upper Peninsula Luge Club

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You've seen luge sleds rocketing down ice-glazed tubes during the Winter Olympics--that's Kunstbahn (or Artificial Track) luge. Naturbahn (or Natural Track) luge is even more exciting because the track winds down a natural, unrefrigerated hill, bordered by boards and snow banks. A Naturbahn luge sled is similar to an old-fashioned wooden sled with metal runners. Naturbahn athletes steer the sled with their feet, hands, and bodies. They use their bodies to speed up, slow down, and steer the sled around the corners of the icy track. Naturbahn luge is a unique sport, and exciting for athletes and spectators.


Come to the place Olympic luge hopefuls train, and experience for yourself the thrill of skimming down an ice-covered track aboard a luge sled. The bottom section of the track (shown here) is open for public sliding. The public is welcome to come out and receive instruction during the winter months (please see our Events Schedule page for more information). Equipment and instruction are included in the $10 fee, so all you have to do is dress for the cold. Come for the afternoon and bring your friends! You can reserve the hill for private parties, too. It's a unique event for birthdays, corporate retreats, or youth groups.
Contact: Tammy (906)361-4843


76-Second Travel Show video about the sport of luge


For a Limited time only:
Purcahse a
 "Luge in
Marquette County: 
30 Years Later" poster
commemorating the
arquette Regional
History Center's
2013 Lucy Hill luge exhibit. 
See our Contact Info. page for details.

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We are always looking for new members of ANY age. Whether you are interested in becoming an athlete, or if you just want to learn more about the sport of luge, we encourage you to become a member ($40 Single, $75 Family). Have you ever wondered how a natural luge track is built and maintained? Each winter we hold several work bees to build a track for our athletes. Club members and volunteers make it happen. There are also opportunities to travel the world as either an athlete, or a luge Official (Officials courses offered).

How do I become a UPLC member?
Download and print a UPLC Membership form. Fill it out and mail it, with a check made out to the UPLC, to the address at the top of the membership form. Or you can bring it all with you the first time you come out to the hill. We also provide membership forms at the hill for you to fill out.

2). Every member must have a signed waiver on-file at the hill. These are also provided at the hill for members to sign.

3). If you plan on sliding from above third gate (this is for more advanced sliders), you must submit a completed Physical Exam Form. You can download the the Physical Exam Form here, or you can go to the USA Luge Web site where you will see the form listed under "Membership Information" on the right-hand side of the page.

Optionally: If you would like to become a USLA member, you can download United States Luge Association membership forms by going to the USA Luge Web site. All the necessary forms are under "Membership Information" on the right-hand side of the page.

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